Here's a taste of a few of the many things
happening at St Andrew's!

Come along and experience being a part of our community.

Garden Walks Taupo

A Hugely Popular Biennial Event, Showcasing up to 30 town and country gardens in and around Taupō.  This 3 day long fundraising event always goes off with a bang. The next event is in November 2023 and planning has begun!

Think festival, flavours, art, music and fabulous flowers and ingenious plants. This event puts the fun back in fundraising! 

Tickets are available now, see our Garden Walks page HERE: 

St Andrew's has supported Seasons Growing through Grief, a programme for children and young adults who have experienced change and loss, for the past twenty five years.  In 2019 they expanded  to offer peer support programs to adults. They are planning to hold seminars for the parents of children they see. These will help parents understand the grief and loss from their child’s perspective. There were six new volunteers trained as Companions in 2019 including two from Turangi where they are very keen to re-establish a strong support.  Growing Through Grief is a charitable organisation and relies on donations to continue their amazing work.  Please send the church a message if you would like to contribute.   

This team meet on the third Tuesday of the month with the purpose of making contact with every person who is a member of the church.  This helps us to understand who may need help or who may just need someone to come and visit them.  The goal is to make sure everyone knows they are a valued member of the church and that there are people available to support them if that is what they need.

Any enquiries please contact Betty Harvey   07 377 4160  or  027 269 6519

International Mums

Moving to a different country where the language and culture is very different can be daunting, isolating and lonely.  Every week mums and their kids from all over the world meet in the St Andrew's hall on Thrusday's at 10am.  The kids happily play together while the mums chat and share their experiences.  It's a wonderful environment to get support, make new friends and feel more confident in the Taupō community.

Weekly meetings for Pippins, Brownies, Guides and Rangers are held at the St Andrew's hall. Guides also use the hall for sleepovers and other events they are having. Click through to the Guiding website below for more information on signing up.

Amsoc (Anglican Mens society) is an interdenominational men’s group meeting on the fourth Tuesday of the month with fellowship, a meal and a guest speaker.  It was founded in 1966 and have presently 29 members meeting at the St Andrews church hall, acting socially and participating in the affairs of the parish when and wherever needed.  If you would like to get involved please send the church a message for more information.

ST Andrew’s Women’s Fellowship meet on the fourth Monday of the month at 11am in the Church Lounge. Each meeting consists of worship, followed by a guest speaker and then a shared lunch.  The year begins with a shared BBQ with the AMSOC men’s group and in June the committee organizes a mid-winter lunch for members.  

The aim is to provide support and fellowship for our members and always welcome new members especially ladies new to the church.

The annual subscription is $20, and that with money raised during the year, members support the Growing Through Grief program, our local High Schools and Intermediate, the Greenlea helicopter and Greening Taupo to name a few.

Any enquiries please contact Betty Harvey   07 377 4160  or  027 269 6519